Monday, 29 April 2013

Three Bird Watchers

Hi everybody!!! It’s been more than a year and a half since I have updated this space of mine… I was very active with my cooking blog and hardly found time to update here… I used to share my finished projects on FB and I will slowly update here as well … Recently I found out that most of the pictures from my old posts are unavailable and now I am slowly trying to upload pictures of my old posts… meanwhile a gentle reminder to all those keep sending me mails asking for patterns; please do not do that as this is only a platform where I share my art work and I will not distribute any copyrighted patterns… Also I am not in to any stitching business and so I cannot help you with your kid’s fancy dress competition etc. therefore please do not send your phone number or e-mail id asking me to call you back :D… Thank you for understanding!

Three Bird Watchers is a Dimensions kit designed by Martha Edwards.. It took me almost 2 years of on and off stitching to complete this design and I am really proud and happy for this has motivated me to immediately start my next project!


Anonymous said...

That's beautiful!!!

gayathri said...

excellent. great work

telugu-post said...

Really Nice post.

Manika said...


Could you please get me in touch with the content manager of this website?



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